Family Session

The Blair Christmas Project

Do you love cute dogs? What about cute people? Enter the Blairs, Gisele and Steven. She’s a coder and he is in the Navy. They are a cutie couple living in the small town of Pacific Grove, California with their adorable Dachshund, Aldo.

Here are some fun facts about the location we shot their Christmas Card photo session in…

  1. It is known as the “crown jewel” of California’s state parks - there are 280 of them for reference. Thanks Wikipedia.

  2. It is located in Carmel, California right before the famous Big Sur coastline begins.

  3. This location is not dog or pet friendly. (Please don’t tell on us, we didn’t know until we got there!!)

  4. This location is only one of two places where the Monterey Cypress trees are native. The other place is the resort-town Pebble Beach.

Spoiler alert, this gorgeous couple lives right next door to me. Their dog Aldo and my cat Santa have a long-term turf war going on that’s quite humorous to observe. We are all still convinced that one day we’ll happen on the two of them snuggling somewhere when they think no one is watching.

Enjoy the gallery! Xo

Adorable Colorado Family

Meet James, Tracey, Charlotte, and Evelyn. This cutie family set their roots in Boulder, CO. Charlie and Evie's dad James plays Banjo in a local Bluegrass band called Bowregard every Sunday at River and Woods restaurant for Brunch, and their superwoman of a Mom aside from staying home some days with the girls works for a Boulder-based company, Zeal Optics. These two chicks love their sweet parents so much it’s palpable. Charlotte, or Charlie as the family calls her, turned 5 in July and plays the best role of big sister. You guys wouldn't believe how sweet little Chuckie, as I like to call her, is with everyone she meets. Evie will have her 3rd birthday in February. She thinks she's about the funniest person in any room, and I think she might be right. Both girls get their goofy faces from their dad and kind souls from their mama. This family holds a special place in my heart since I've photographed them every year since Charlie was in Tracey's Belly. I feel so privileged to capture their growing perfect family.