Adorable Colorado Family

Meet James, Tracey, Charlotte, and Evelyn. This cutie family set their roots in Boulder, CO. Charlie and Evie's dad James plays Banjo in a local Bluegrass band called Bowregard every Sunday at River and Woods restaurant for Brunch, and their superwoman of a Mom aside from staying home some days with the girls works for a Boulder-based company, Zeal Optics. These two chicks love their sweet parents so much it’s palpable. Charlotte, or Charlie as the family calls her, turned 5 in July and plays the best role of big sister. You guys wouldn't believe how sweet little Chuckie, as I like to call her, is with everyone she meets. Evie will have her 3rd birthday in February. She thinks she's about the funniest person in any room, and I think she might be right. Both girls get their goofy faces from their dad and kind souls from their mama. This family holds a special place in my heart since I've photographed them every year since Charlie was in Tracey's Belly. I feel so privileged to capture their growing perfect family.